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After much battle and hard work (mail merge, you guys, is the WORST), assignments have gone out!

Most people will receive TWO assignment e-mails, one with info for the person you were assigned, and one with your own info. They can come in any order, so you might get your info before you get your assignment. Both e-mails have gone out! (A few unlucky people have multiple entries in my address book, so they got their assignment at multiple addresses.)

If you do not get your assignment, check your spam folder first. If your assignment is not in your spam folder and it is after 12:01 p.m. EDT on November 4, send me an e-mail and ask where your assignment is.

If you get your assignment and don't know which fandom you got matched on, you can ask me.

If you get your assignment and didn't realize that anybody could possibly have asked for that threesome, which you can't write, e-mail me to drop out and get on the pinch hit list. If you do a pinchhit this year, it's as if you never dropped out.

If you have any other questions, you can comment or e-mail me at sesa@zvilikestv.net

P.S. You should now be able to post stories to the Cookie Jar. Cookie Jar posting is now open!
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Assignments have not yet gone out, but the challenge is still ongoing. My apologies for the delay and for not publicly announcing the delay.

Barring additional unforeseen circumstances, they will go out Saturday evening.

I will send the information both to the writer and the requestor, so that you can write your Dear Sailor letters.
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The assignment e-mails have been sent to all story exchange participants.

If you don't get your assignment, first, check your spam filter! Then, comment to this entry ON DREAMWIDTH to let me know you didn't get your assignment, the name you signed up with, and a second e-mail address I should send your assignment to.

If you get your assignment and you don't recognize the assignment as matching anything you offered to write, reply to the assignment e-mail ASAP and let me know that I matched you wrong and you need another assignment.

And, also, most importantly, have fun writing the story!
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All assignments have been sent out! Yay!

If you did not receive your assignment (and you checked your spam folder), please send me a PM via dreamwidth (because clearly my e-mail and your e-mail are having trouble talking.)

The only reason for an assignment change is because your assignee did not make a request in any of the fandoms you signed up for. Some of you signed up in a lot of fandoms, so, please, think hard before you say you didn't sign up in a fandom. I did, in fact, check the list before I sent out assignments.

Getting unexpected, unattractive, or otherwise unwelcome characters is not a reason to switch assignments.

If you have to drop out, please drop out sooner rather than later, to give the pinch hitters more time to work.
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Assignments have been sent out!

You will be ecstatic to know that I double-checked before sending out assignments and caught three mismatches before they ended up in your inboxes. However, I only checked once, not twice, because I actually do want to sleep tonight.


If you did not get an assignment at all, (first check your spam filter and then) e-mail zvi at slashx-files dot com, comment to this entry, or PM me ASAP.

If you got an assignment, and it does not include a fandom you signed up for (double-check the confirmation e-mail I sent you and then), contact me ASAP. I can get your correct assignment (if I sent you the wrong one), I can magically produce an assignment for you (may take a few days), or you can drop out without penalty.

If you got multiple assignments, contact me ASAP so I can tell you which one is really yours.

If you got your assignment, there is a match for a fandom you offered, and you suddenly discovered that there's no way on Earth you can write A/B/C fic, please drop out ASAP. Indicate if you want to go on the pinch hitter list for this year, and if you want to offer additional fandoms as a pinch hitter to what you offered in your sign up (remember, pinch hitters have right of refusal.) If you complete a pinch hit, all penalties are reversed. dates and upcoming posts )

Final participant count is 46 including me. \o/ Yay, ♥♥♥. People were matched on ~30 different fandoms. It took approximately forever to complete the sort. :)


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