Oct. 31st, 2009

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Sign ups are now closed. I will not have access to the website to turn the form off until some time later today, but sign ups are now closed, and I am not accepting any new ones.

Pervyficgirl, please check your e-mail and respond to my message.

Person who signed up without including your name, requesting SGA, Leverage, and The Unit without any identifying information, please get in contact with me ASAP. I'm going to spend today working out the assignments, and I can't include you in those assignments without any contact information.
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Assignments have been sent out!

You will be ecstatic to know that I double-checked before sending out assignments and caught three mismatches before they ended up in your inboxes. However, I only checked once, not twice, because I actually do want to sleep tonight.


If you did not get an assignment at all, (first check your spam filter and then) e-mail zvi at slashx-files dot com, comment to this entry, or PM me ASAP.

If you got an assignment, and it does not include a fandom you signed up for (double-check the confirmation e-mail I sent you and then), contact me ASAP. I can get your correct assignment (if I sent you the wrong one), I can magically produce an assignment for you (may take a few days), or you can drop out without penalty.

If you got multiple assignments, contact me ASAP so I can tell you which one is really yours.

If you got your assignment, there is a match for a fandom you offered, and you suddenly discovered that there's no way on Earth you can write A/B/C fic, please drop out ASAP. Indicate if you want to go on the pinch hitter list for this year, and if you want to offer additional fandoms as a pinch hitter to what you offered in your sign up (remember, pinch hitters have right of refusal.) If you complete a pinch hit, all penalties are reversed. dates and upcoming posts )

Final participant count is 46 including me. \o/ Yay, ♥♥♥. People were matched on ~30 different fandoms. It took approximately forever to complete the sort. :)


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