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A couple of people have reported that they could not log in to comment with OpenID. If you run into this problem, you may want to adjust youracceptance of 3rd party cookies. If you don't want to adjust your security settings, you can comment as guest. I will leave guest commenting on at least until February.
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Stories are live! Authors will be revealed on January 15. This year we have 46 stories posted.
Thanks to CK, Amy Fortuna, Jain, Kisa Hawklin, Misura, Princess of Geeks, Settiai, and Voleuse for pinch hitting.

Recipients, please thank your writers. Leaving comments on the other stories would be quite nice, too.

This year, I am using the Disqus commenting system, which is new to me, but very popular among blog users. Readers, all feedback this year is public and will be displayed on the story, instead of featuring the LJ comment hack we've had for the past several years. Authors, you can subscribe to the comments for the story you wrote at the bottom of the commenting form. If you want to respond to feedback before the reveal, please do so anonymously.

Hopefully, no one needs the following what if there's something wrong with my story? )

(P.S. The name on your story is the one you signed up with. E-mail me if you need me to change it for privacy reasons.)


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