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After much battle and hard work (mail merge, you guys, is the WORST), assignments have gone out!

Most people will receive TWO assignment e-mails, one with info for the person you were assigned, and one with your own info. They can come in any order, so you might get your info before you get your assignment. Both e-mails have gone out! (A few unlucky people have multiple entries in my address book, so they got their assignment at multiple addresses.)

If you do not get your assignment, check your spam folder first. If your assignment is not in your spam folder and it is after 12:01 p.m. EDT on November 4, send me an e-mail and ask where your assignment is.

If you get your assignment and don't know which fandom you got matched on, you can ask me.

If you get your assignment and didn't realize that anybody could possibly have asked for that threesome, which you can't write, e-mail me to drop out and get on the pinch hit list. If you do a pinchhit this year, it's as if you never dropped out.

If you have any other questions, you can comment or e-mail me at sesa@zvilikestv.net

P.S. You should now be able to post stories to the Cookie Jar. Cookie Jar posting is now open!
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