Nov. 5th, 2011

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The assignment e-mails have been sent to all story exchange participants.

If you don't get your assignment, first, check your spam filter! Then, comment to this entry ON DREAMWIDTH to let me know you didn't get your assignment, the name you signed up with, and a second e-mail address I should send your assignment to.

If you get your assignment and you don't recognize the assignment as matching anything you offered to write, reply to the assignment e-mail ASAP and let me know that I matched you wrong and you need another assignment.

And, also, most importantly, have fun writing the story!
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Please write a letter expanding on what you'd like in a story, what you like in the fandoms and trios you requested, and what your squicks are. You may either write a letter in comments or post a link to an unlocked entry on your journal. Your sailor (i.e. assigned writer) is not obligated to include the things you put in the letter, but they should avoid your listed squicks, and may better be able to determine what to write for you.

Make sure the name on the comment below matches the name you used to sign up with!

Some tips on writing a letter by other, wiser fen than I:

[ profile] liviapenn: Thoughts on Yuletide prompts & requests
[ profile] thefourthvine: [Meta]: The Yuletide Prompt Poll Results
[ profile] dhaunea: Request details and 'Dear Santa' letters
[ profile] penknife: Eight ways to break your ficathon writer's brain

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