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I have not updated the website, but I have updated the forms.

Sign up for I Saw Three Ships.

Also, we're going to try a little bonus feature: The Cookie Jar. Anyone can post one threesome prompt, and anyone can fulfill any prompt. Cookies are not limited to one thousand words or greater of fanfiction; any fanwork of any size is acceptable as a cookie. The Cookie Jar is going to be time-limited, to run concurrent with Three Ships, but it is otherwise free form. If you need an AO3 invite to participate, PM me your e-mail address, I have some to give away.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and I'm happy to see you back!

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Date: 2011-10-07 05:32 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] pocketmouse
So I guess we're still using the website and not AO3 this year? The matchup system they have is a lot better now, and it doesn't eat comments like the website did.

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Date: 2011-10-08 02:36 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] pocketmouse
Okay, cool.

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Date: 2011-10-08 03:04 pm (UTC)
cypher: (team 7 needs happiness)
From: [personal profile] cypher
How long are signups open? Will they be running through October, like last year?

*starts looking for like-fandomed friends to play*

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Date: 2011-10-09 02:44 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] amadi
Care to do a promo post on [community profile] fandom_on_dw? I'm about to add the relevant dates to the calendar for signups, etc.

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Date: 2011-10-10 01:34 am (UTC)
settiai: (Alec/Eliot/Parker -- nito_punk)
From: [personal profile] settiai
Just so you know, I'm making the same offer as I always do. If you have any requests where you're really having a lot of trouble matching up the fandoms with someone who can write them, just shoot me an e-mail. If I think there's any way possible I can write said fandom, I'll be glad to do so whether I signed up for it or not. I tried to limit my offered fandoms to ones I thought might possibly be requested, but I'm familiar with a ton more.


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