Jan. 6th, 2012

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I Saw Three Ships stories and the Cookie Jar fanworks are live.

Please remember to thank your sailor.

Except, if there is a problem with the story, if your sailor didn't write a threesome or didn't write it about the people you requested, please e-mail me about it before you comment on the story. (And, you guys, if there is a problem, I don't know about it, this year I have managed to read none of the stories while preparing them for website publication. Find and replace is a beautiful thing for someone who cantankerously refuses to WYSIWIG her HTML.)

Thank you everyone for participating, thank you pinchhitters — Amy D., aphrodite_mine, Ladyoneil, The Samuraiter, Voleuse — for saving the challenge (as you do every year), thank you everyone who participated in the Cookie Jar. (If you saw a prompt and you didn't get around to responding to it, remember that you can always post the story to the AO3 as a story for someone else just because whenever you finish it.)

Authors revealed in just one week!


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