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There are 28 participants so far, not including yours truly. (The two people with unsigned registrations got in contact with me and will be participating! Yay!) We've also got three or four people signed up just to pinch hit.

Fandoms offered include Vorkosigan Saga, Top Gear RPF, Smallville, Numb3rs, Pirates of The Caribbean, Pushing Daisies, Lost, The Middleman, Being Human, The Big Bang Theory, and Chuck. Fandoms requested include Dollhouse, Chuck, Babylon 5, Popslash, Heroes, Gossip Girl, Spooks, Sarah Jane Adventures, NCIS, and Veronica Mars.

I requested announcements at several LJ newsletters, but I'm not sure what newsletter comms are at Dreamwidth. If you read a newsletter for which you think I Saw Three Ships would be appropriate, please either ask the editors to place an announcement, or send me a PM telling me the name of the comm, and I'll gladly make the request. Don't forget, mention Three Ships in your own journals. Signups close on October 30. I would really like us to have 40 participants signed up.

And, finally, just a thought. The minimum word count for this exchange is 1000 words, but there is no maximum. You might want to try making your entry into a novel and writing the first draft for National Novel Writing Month. Even if you don't reach 50,000 words, a good faith effort at NaNo should easily leave you with enough material to convert into two or three excellent short stories, and you only need one. If you're worried that getting your assignment on November 1 won't leave you with enough time to plot out a story, consider using Holly Lisle's Notecarding Method for fast plotting.

Next status update will be next week. Looking forward to sending out assignments and reading everybody's Dear Santa letters.
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