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Name:I Saw Three Ships: A Threesomes Secret Santa
Website:I Saw Three Ships Archive
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Holiday gift exchange for threesome romantic fanfiction.
This is another fannish Secret Santa. It's different than some of the others in that it is specifically for threesomes. You sign up in the fandom of your choice with the names of three characters you'd like to see in a relationship, and you say which fandoms you are willing to write in. I do my magic to match people up, you write a story, and everyone has fun threesome times.

This challenge was originally created by [ profile] twinkledru

Timeline for 2012

Available in XML, ICal, or Google Calendar
  • Monday, September 24: signups open
  • Monday, October 22: Last day of signups
  • Sunday, October 28: assignments sent out
  • Saturday, December 29: Stories due by 11:59 PM, Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5).
    This is a hard and fast deadline, due to the seasonal nature of the project.
  • Thursday, January 5: Cookies due by 11:59 PM, Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5)
  • Friday, January 6 (Three Kings Day): stories posted
  • Friday, January 13: authors revealed

*Stories are being posted on Three Kings Day instead of Christmas Eve or Christmas in order to give authors the ability to participate in other Secret Santas besides this one.

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